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And This Is My Story

So it all started like this… I felt like jotting down with everything going through my mind, I grabbed my laptop, and jumped in the bed of the hotel room. It didn’t feel authentic, so I sat on the floor, put my feet up the couch, and tried to turn the laptop on. At that point, I found out that […]

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Arsene Wenger Is My Idol, But He Has to Go

We all needed someone to look up to while growing up. Some looked up to their parents, some to their favorite teachers while others to their sports heroes. I was no different. I certainly had my heroes growing up. From the legendary Michael Schumacher to the legendary Roger Federer to the Arsenal greats Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, I had […]

Beauty 2

What Christmas in Lebanon Means to Me: A Lebanese Expatriate

Coming to Lebanon at any time of the year is a reason for excitement for any Lebanese expatriate. Christmas just acts like an icing on what truly is a delicious cake. While I wouldn’t call expatriates a bunch of miserable people, I would be right to classify them as people deprived of let’s say some significant intangibles. Most expatriates live […]

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Thanks Lebanon

What better occasion to write about my beloved country than its 73rd anniversary for independence? Here you go. When you see two people in Lebanon talking to each other, you would probably hear something like this: the unemployment rate is sky high, trash is everywhere, there is no healthcare system, public transportation is unorganized, no damn electricity, no president for […]

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What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

A lot of focus these days seems to be on what a woman looks like: is she short, tall, fat, thin, what she wears, long skirts, pants, her hair, etc… These are all nice things, and yes, I can’t lie about it, I do look at those details because I’m only human and that’s only natural. In an ideal world, […]

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7 Steps for a Happier Life

Life has been and still is the subject of discussion for many scientists, philosophers, and religious people. Each one of these folks comes up with some fancy idea about it and he is probably right. Me? Fortunately, or unfortunately, I fall under none of these categories, so I’m going to keep things simple and just say that life is beautiful: […]

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Happy Birthday Mom! I Love You!

Who is your favorite superhero? Batman? Superman? Wonder Woman? Mine is not Wonder Woman, but rather a wonderful woman who goes by the title “mom”. This beautiful human being was and will forever be my first and favorite teacher and my best bodyguard. On a tough day, there’s no voice I’d rather hear than mom’s, and on a bright day, […]

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And the Answer Is… Chocolate

Chocolate, simply described as the all-time favorite treat, comes from a truly heavenly fruit: the cacao. Its scientific name is Theobroma cacao, which literally translates into the food of gods! Surprise, surprise! We all love chocolate and we always look for an excuse to have some. After all, who can deny that chocolate is the food for every mood and […]

Dog 1

Man’s Best Friend: 10 Years of Friendship

I remember it very well. It was Sunday, September 24, 2006, a day before the start of my final year at high school. My family and I were at my uncle’s when we got a phone call from one of our friends saying that his dog had 5 pups and if we liked to adopt one of them. We did! […]

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How It Felt to Visit Armenia for the First Time

From the age of 3 till the age of 17, I attended nothing but Armenian schools in Lebanon. I learned all about the Armenian mythology, Armenian language, Armenian history, and Armenian culture. I learned so much about Mount Ararat. I got to know that my name, Vanig, referred to the first capital of Armenia, and that my mother’s name Annie, […]

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So I Sold My Phone

I happen to be a meticulous chap who takes good care of his belongings. I happen to wear white shoes all the time and they never seem to have black scratches on them. My friends have asked me time and again how I clean them, and the answer is easy: I never dirty them in the first place. The case […]